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About 43° Café

Fresh Baked Bread Daily, Breakfast, Lunch
43 Degrees Cafe Food

Healthy Living ​

We source the best quality of locally grown and sourced ingredients to ensure that our menus are not only delicious, but also as healthy as possible.


Our Kitchen

Our massive open kitchen ensures we always have the capacity and capability to cater for the most demanding event.

Our Suppliers

We have a small selection of our suppliers: All PressBell & CoEuro of Bread.

“With a little bit of fusion, and a lot of love, this food is to die for!”

We use only the best quality, locally sourced ingredients. 

Fresh roasted coffee, Fresh baked bread, Homemade slices cakes, Gluten-free Vegan is available

Our Food Gallery

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Opening Hours

Open Five Days


At Covid-19 Alert Level 2, opening hours are Monday to Friday 7.30 to 15.30 (no public holiday). However, at Alert Level 1, our open hour may vary. Please scan our QR code to register your visit.

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43° Café

Address: 49 Sir William Pickering Dr, Burnside, Christchurch

Phone:+64 (3) 357 2011

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